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Hope For Kids Launch participants receive a copy of the Good News Teacher Book and the implementation materials.  The Good News Teacher’s Book – A full color, 64-page book with 12 complete lessons – provides a step-by-step guide to implementing in your setting.  After the launch, if you commit to implement HFK in your church/organization, reaching 60-100 kids over the next few years, you receive access to the following no charge foundational materials:

  • Good News Student Activity Books – 1 per HFK student (full color, 36-pages)
  • Pathway to Hope Booklet  – 10 for each HFK equipped student to share with 10 friends (full color, 32-pages)

These materials are funded through the Hope For Kids Project in the U.S.A.

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Implementation Materials

  GOOD NEWS TEACHERS BOOK — HFK105 This book is provided to HFK launch participants.  It has 12 complete lesson plans including songs, skits and crafts designed to engage your kids as they learn to share the gospel.  Preview Teachers Book
  GOOD NEWS ACTIVITY STUDENT BOOK — HFK102 This book helps you walk your kids through learning the Gospel Pathway. Using engaging stories, fun activities and great visuals, your kids are personally challenged with the fundamental truths of the gospel message.  They are also equipped to share these truths with others.  Preview Activity Student Book
  PATHWAY TO HOPE BOOKLET– HFK106  This colorful booklet uses real life application to demonstrate God’s plan for mankind, revealing the Gospel message. Using fun games, it is a great tool to be used when your kids share the Gospel with their peers.  Each student receives 10 booklets to give away.  Preview Pathway to Hope Booklet


Hope For Kids Complete Gospel Pathway

Having this Video is the next best thing to taking one of your Hope for Kids leaders to class with you. This Video has all the Gospel Pathway hand motions. This will be a great help to you and your leaders as you prepare for your Hope for Kids lessons.

View the video on above or download the video.


Supplemental Materials

Hope for Kids Animated Gospel Video

HFK “REACHING KIDS AND TEACHING KIDS TO REACH” LEADER’S HANDBOOK — HFK101 This supplemental 130 page handbook is a wonderful companion to the Good News Teacher Book.  It offers options to give variety to your ongoing Hope for Kids equipping semesters.  Cut, paste and use it to tailor your lessons year after year. Kids love to repeat Hope for Kids!
  POWER PACK — HFK041 The accordion-fold booklet (pocket sized) contains all 10 of the Scripture verses kids learn in the Gospel Pathway for memorization and review.
(Sold in packs of 10)
  FARLEY SEQUENCING CARDS 3×5 (10 sets) — HFK021-10 The 3″ x 5″ sequencing cards are for children to use in learning, practicing, and reviewing the Gospel Presentation.  Use as a graduation gift to your kids for their use in sharing the Gospel with others. Each set contains 19 cards.
  HOPE FOR KIDS GOSPEL TRACT — HFK083 Great witnessing tool for kids and adults. Sold in packs of 25. (2 1/2″ wide X 3 1/8″ high)
  GOSPEL-IN-A-NUTSHELL PICTURE STRIP — HFK043 Each 7 3/8″ x 1″ strip shows the six illustrations of the Gospel-in-a-Nutshell.
(Sold in packs of 50)
  MINI COMBINATION POSTER — HFK031 The poster shows the graphics of the six full-size posters–Heaven, Man, God, Christ, Faith, and Response.  (18″ by 22″)
  HOPE FOR KIDS PATHWAY PRESENTATIONS MOTIONS DVD — HFKV0Having this DVD is the next best thing to taking one of your Hope for Kids Launch leaders home with you. The DVD has the complete Gospel Pathway with hand motions and more. This will be a great help to you and your leaders as you prepare for your Hope for Kids lessons.
  KIDS EE LEADERSHIP TRAINING DVDs — KV01 (The foundation of this DVD set is Kids’ EE.)  The DVD’s are compatible with the concepts and methods of Hope for Kids – offering additional tools as you prepare for your Hope for Kids teaching time. This 4-DVD set includes: 1) Welcome and Overview of Kids’ EE, 2) Fourteen units of study that incrementally equip your group to share the Gospel, 3) Promotional videos to share with potential participants, 4) “Walk Through the Gospel”—an interactive outreach program that your team can use to share the Gospel.
  GOSPEL-IN-A-NUTSHELL TEACHING CARDS — HFK042 The 8″ x 10″ Teaching Cards display the visual illustrations of the Christ section of the Gospel Pathway. (Set contains 6 cards)
  FARLEY TEACHING CARDS 8×10 — HFK022 These colorful 8″ x 10″ cards are great for teaching or sharing the Gospel Pathway in a group setting. (Set contains 19 cards)
  POSTER SET WITH Gospel Path/Bare Bones POSTER — HFK032 This seven poster set includes the six key points of the Gospel Pathway and a poster showing the Gospel Path / Bare Bones outline of the Gospel. (18″ x 22″)
  KIDS’ EE PROMOTIONAL DVD — K-PROMO This promo DVD will enable you to cast the vision for Hope For Kids based on the concepts and methods used by Kids EE.  Yes, kids CAN share the Gospel! See them in action on this energizing DVD containing Welcome and Introduction, Methods, a Walk through the Gospel, and a Gospel Conversation (Kids sharing with kids).