Training for 1 to 3 Key Leaders! 

No Charge Materials!

Attend a 1 ¼ Day – Hope for Kids (HFK) Adult Leadership Launch where your key Children’s Leaders/Pastor come away with the skills and leadership material needed to equip your kids, 3-6th Grade, and team leaders with the Gospel.  Not only are your kids grounded in the gospel, they are equipped and encouraged to share the Good News with others.

At the launch, participants receive a copy of the Good News Teacher Book and the implementation materials.  The Good News Teacher’s Book – A full color, 65-page book with 12 complete lessons – provides a step-by-step guide to implementing in your setting.  After the launch, if you commit to implement HFK in your church/organization, reaching 60-100 kids over the next few years, you receive access to the following no charge foundational materials:

  • Good News Student Activity Books – 1 per HFK student (full color, 32-pages and 4-craft pages)
  • Pathway to Hope Booklet  – 10 for each HFK equipped student to share with 10 friends (full color, 32-pages)

Hope for Kids = Impact!

Hope for Kids lays a firm foundation for the discipleship of your kids.  Hope For Kids  encourages spiritual growth in your children as well as scripture memorization.  Hope For Kids enables kids to respond with excitement and enthusiasm to Jesus’ command to be His witnesses.  Hope For Kids encourages a worldview framed by the Gospel.

Hope for Kids appeals to all primary learning styles utilizing hand motions, songs, crafts, skits and illustrations. Each of the 12 units includes at least one object lesson that provides a concrete illustration of the key Gospel concept taught in that unit. Through this approach, kids are able to effectively learn and retain the Gospel.

  • Kids interact with teachers, team leaders, and each other throughout 12 teaching units
  • Kids and adults develop meaningful relationships with each other, and most significantly and eternally, with God

Hope for Kids training is available for any church or organization that is interested in equipping kids to share the Gospel.  To join the Hope for Kids Project, attend or send 1-3 Key leaders to an Adult Leadership Launch and share an intent to equip 60 to 100 kids (3-6th graders) in the next few years. Take the challenge! Together, we’ll experience the eternal impact Hope for Kids can make.

Take the challenge!

 Register for a Hope for Kids Adult Leadership Launch today!

Above: Adults attend a special Workshop in preparation for teaching Hope For Kids.

Above: Monique Godfrey, demonstrates the Gospel Pathway hand motions that help children learn to share the Gospel.

The full Gospel Conversation from Hope For Kids

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